Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Vase Of Flowers

Here is a quick card i made last night whilst catching on on the latest soaps!! Its a nice simple one made using Hobby Art Dandelion Stamp & French Script.
I got this Dandelion stamp a couple of months ago and forgot i had it until i started sorting out stuff, its a nice and simple one, it looks similar to Vases In Vogue so this is gonna be my substitute until i can get hold of Vases In Vogue. I saw one went on Ebay for $80, wow thats alot for a stamp set.
I was looking through my bank statements the other day and realised i hadn't been paid Child Benefit for a while so i called them up and it turns out they didnt have our new address (we moved in oct06) so i gave them our new address and it turns out i havent had payments since January so i am oued like 6 months of payments which should be over £300, and it should be in my account in the next few days.... woohoo.. we can finally get some food!! It does explain why we have been a bit short of money for while!!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

This is pretty, what a gorgeous stamp.

Oh yeay to all the dosh, how fab is that, things like that never happen, but then prob cause I would definitely notice if money had not been paid in!!! lol



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