Friday, 31 August 2007

Quick Update

Sorry i haven't been around much, we have been busy packing the shop up! I am pleased to say that we are rapidly working on the new website and it should be launched sometime tomorrow.

We will be adding new products to the site over the next few days so make sure you check back to see all the yummy stock we have available!

I will post on here when its been launched :)

More creations coming soon - i promise :)

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Sneak Preview - Missy B Designs!!!

Well look what arrived today.... MISSY B DESIGNS STAMPS!

We are the exclusive distributor for these and they truly beautiful. Infact we are the only stockist of these worldwide other than Missy B herself!!!! Each set comes unmounted and has deeply etched rubber. As we have closed the website for a few days, until the new website is launched, we will be adding previews of the new items that we have arriving. Below are the pictures of the Missy B Designs Stamps that we currently have in stock. As with all our stamps, if there is any set you would like us to order or stock let us know and we will add it to our next order!!!

They are sooo cute don't you think...??
Here is a list of the names of the sets & prices......
Monkey, Frog & Dog: £8.99
Funky Ducks: £7.75
Happy Cows: £7.15
Car Friends: £6.50
Reindeer On Vaction: £8.35
Christmas Reindeer: £8.35
Chef: £7.75
If you can't wait til the weekend to get your fav one, send me an email and we will post them out!
Look out for the following stamp companies coming soon to First Class Crafts - High Hopes, Eat Cake Graphics, Memory Box, Inky Antics and many more to be announced soon!!

Friday, 24 August 2007

Feeling A Bit Better

Well, i am feeling abit happier about the situation now i know more about it and am staying away from the trouble for a few days! We might even close the shop early b'cos of it all!

Haley michaels sister has been really helpful over the last few days.... she has helped me stay sane and see sense so about an hour ago i decided to make her a lil pressie & card to say thank you!

What do you think....??

This is my first attempt using my new Bind It All and i must say i am impressed... haleys fav colour combo is beige & blues so i thought this would be perfect... oh and the card is made using a stampendous new stamp (available on our website) .... she loves pirates so i thought this would be great for her.
We just walked round her place and gave it to her and she was surprised but very grateful for the kind thought, and couldn't believe i had made the book.... she thought i had bought it! lol. I did wrap it in some nice doodlebug paper too!
Supplies - Dream Street Paper, QK Vixen Alphabet, Primas, Assorted Ribbons, Bind it All, Brads, Stampendous Owl Stamp & Pebbles Inc Rub Ons.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Sad Time

Unfortunately i am having some major family problems at the moment so i haven't and probably won't for a few days make anything or post much, sorry!!

Check back over the weekend and hopefully i will be happier and will have made some new things! I did however have a couple of deliveries today including a bind it all machine and some lovely stamps so hopefully i will get to play with them soon :)

In the meantime, check out the other great blogs i stalk, truly amazing designers on there!!!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Gina K is here!!!!


The shop delivery of Gina K Designs arrived instore today!!! They are sooo cute and the rubber is really well etched.

I will be working on some design example so watch this space over the next few days!

We also have just added some of the new Penny Black stamps to the website :)

For those of you after the Rubber Romance Divas, they will be here shortly, hopefully Friday or Monday!

Sooooooooooo many yumy stamps :) :) :)

Sunday, 19 August 2007

More Cards

I must be on a roll today as i've made a couple more cards.

These are only very brief , quick and easy cards. I just love the new Sizzix Embossing Plates i just had to make something else with them. Lissy wanted me to do something with the Ducks stamp she chose it bless, so i made something quick before she scribbled all over it..... i bloomin hate those PM Rub Ons, almost totally wrecked that card, its werid cos i've never had a problem with them before!

Supplies ......
Green Fingers Bella - Flowahbella Stamp, SU Card, Daisy Sizzix Embossing Plate & Black Ribbon.
With Love Ducks - Penny Black Ducks, Doodlebug Paper & PM Rub Ons.

Got Some!!!

I searched high and low and we had no batteries so i caved in and went to get some!!

Anyway here are todays creations.... i can't believe i've managed to make 3 cards all before 1pm!! Very unlike me! The huggybellas is one i made for the UKS Use your card stash challenge!

Huggypals - Basic Grey Infuse Paper, Large Bloom (trimmed down), HOTP Brad & Rub Ons, AC Ribbon, Stickles (on petals) & Huggybella stamp.
Pirateyowl - Blue Jean & Blue Bell Bazzill, Thin Ribbon, Primas, Eyelets, HOTP Birthday Wish Stamp & Stampendous Pirate Owl Stamp.
Purple Flower - Lilac Bazzill, Gingham Ribbon & Penny Black Flower Stamp & stickles.

Camera... nope!

I have been crafting but my camera has run out of batteries and we haven't got any spare, so i can't share my creations just yet!!! If i find some tho i will post them!!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

New Penny Black


The new Penny Black arrive in the shop this morning and my god they are mega cute in real life! I love all the designs and am gonna have to have most of them! We sold out of quite a few of the designs already and they haven't even been put on the website - rest assured we have more on the way already!

Anyway, i've only been home just over an hour but i did manage to squeeze in a quick card using one of the new designs whilst lissy is sleeping! What do ya reckon....

Althought you can't really tell, i did use stickles for the middle of the snowflakes in the background & also on the letterbox :)

Supplies - Penny Black 'Royal Mail', Penny Black Love Xmas, Spotty Ribbon, Red & Green Bazzill, Snowflake Clear Stamps (Penny Black), Watercolor Pencils & Stickles Crystal.

Last Nights Creations

Well here are last nights quick creations. The first one is a wedding bella card that i totally scraplifted from SCS, i did change a few things tho :) . I just love the red, black & white combo, quite romantic looking. The embossing is using the new Sizzix Embossing Plates in the cuttle, they have some really funky designs and the ribbon is by creative impressions.

The second is perfect for Michael, cos of the racing thing, this one is a super quick one, a bit of the glitter stack paper & a jelly charm thingy from MeiFlower, i did get the idea from there stand too, but last night i was just tired i needed a bit of help!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Poorly Mama

God i felt so ill last night, i had been feeling pretty ill at the shop yesterday.. i had no energy and could hardly even pick Lissy up. Last night i ended up lying on the floor most of the evening. My back hurt so much so i thought lyimng flat would help and it did. I really thought i was going to have to get the dr out as i was freezing cold for quite a few hours and had a beaming headache. I did fall asleep and when i woke up i was boiling hot! lol. Lissy kept on saying Poorly Mama and looking worried, whilst stroking my head!!! I am feeling a bit better now tho, and i hope to get some cards done tonight!

Monday, 13 August 2007

Guess What...?

Guess what i am going to be doing tonight then..... well it looks like lots of mounting!! lol.

WOW look at all the lovely new SU sets that arrived today... i am in rubbah overload!!

Doggie Diva!

Well i did manage to make a card last night! What do you think.....??

I gotta say i am lovin these Divas even more now! Infact, we have them due to arrive in the shop this week, so watch the website for them, they are really really funky!!

When i started making this one i knew how i wanted it and like alot of my ideas they totally change, but i am quite pleased with how it turned out. I just love this new paper i bought, its by Kelly Pannchi (sp?!) by Sandylion. I think we are going to have to stock it, they also do a blue range too, gonna have to get that too!

Great new for the stamps/website/shop, we should have the new MFT Stamps & Missy B designs...... so exciting!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Yay more new stamps!!!

Yay, look what i bought today!!!

There is a fair bit more but the camera battery ran out! lol.
Me & Jo went to stamperama today and it was great, loads of stands and tons of stamps :) :) GREAT for my rubbah addiction!! I got most of the items i wanted on my list so thats good!! It took a while to get there as we got a bit lost and went the scenic 'roundabout every 0.3 miles' route but it was fun!
Anyway im off to try and play with my new goodies..... Lissy is up and causing havoc so i dunno if i will get anything done.... maybe ill just stroke my new stamps and look at them all again for the next hr!!! lol.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

New Stamps.. Hurray!!

Yay, The postie came today and bought me 2 new stamp sets!!

I got Vases In Vogue & Jolly Holidays!! I have spent most of the last 4 weeks searching for Jolly Holidays and i've wanted the Vases In Vogue since before the Catty came out!

I think my new SU stuff should be here next week, i can't wait for that to come, I think i ordered like 9 stamp sets! lol, i am such a nightmare!

I am also quite excited as im off to Stamperama in Stevenage, Jo is very kindly taking me! Its a stamp show so i am hoping to get more rubbah! Can never have too much! lol.

Anyway im off to mount my new stamps! :) :)

Friday, 10 August 2007

A quckie!!

As i finally got my Penguin Paradise, i just had to use it.

I didn't have much time last night but was determined to do something with these cute lil fellas.... well this is what i came up with... what do you reckon, simple i know but its good to do simple ones once in a while!

Plus it doubles up for the UKS August Challenge!

I used - Penguin Paradise, Bazzill Bubblegum & DCWV Nanas Kids Polka Dot Card.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Bellas are here!

We have just received our first shipment of Bellas in the shop today.... we have 17 different designs to start off with. We are only allowed to sell these in the shop, not on our website, but if you would like to know which ones we have available pleasde feel free to email me and i will send you a list!

We also had Hero Arts arrive today... i haven't had a chance to look at them really as i have been so busy repricing everything!!

The other great news is that we have a new DT Member.... Stamping Caz, make sure you check our her blog, she has some really fab designs and we can't wait to see what she comes up with with the bits we have for her!! So we now have 4 DT Members - Alex, Katy, Sandie and now Caz.... with the new website being revamped its gonna be soooo great, i am so looking forward to it!

The other fab news is that my Stipple Rose & Penguin Paradise finally arrived.... hurrah, its been months, it got lost etc but it finally arrive :) :) Can't wait to play.... *sigh*.... when i have the time!

Last night i choked on some food and made my cough bad again, lol so i was feeling better buts it been delayed and i feel bad again, its not been too bad today but i was coughing last night!

I promise more designs soon... once we have sorted out the sale in the shop!!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Just wanted to say sorry to all my readers for not updating my blog recently.

I have been quite ill since the weekend, i have a terrible cough, cold and have had bad headaches. I have felt so lathargic, i haven't had the energy to even make cards or crafts, which is sooo unlike me!

I am pleased to say that i am feeling a lot better and last night i was coughing all night, just a few hours, much to michaels delight!

Hopefully i will be back soon and fighting fit again :)

Ooo i forgot to say we have Bellas arriving tomorrow, so if you want to know which ones we have arriving then please email me and i will let you know :) Hero Arts should be here soon too :)

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Haleys Birthday

Well its Haley's Birthday bash today and i had totally forgotten to make a card! I managed to come up with this rather quickly last night... i hope she likes it!
I used - Cosmobella, Penny Black Firework Stamp, LSH Ribbon, Stitching Rub ons & SU Cardstock and and obviously scallop punch!
We are off to Haleys birthday bash at the pub in a bit so i best get ready!!!
BTW - Have you seen the new Pink Cat Studio Stamps??? We have them online and in stock here....

Friday, 3 August 2007

.......Sad new & cheerful stash!

Well today and yesterday have kinda been sad days as i decided that it was time to close the bricks & mortar shop. You can see more about it on Ukscrappers....

As you will see from that, we are still going to continue the business but will feature on Stamps, for cardmakimg, atc's, scrapbooking and more, which is gonna be great :) :) :)

To cheer me up i had some goodies in the post... i got my monthly ribbon kit ( Lianne has done such a great job yet again and its soooo summery and will go with the MFT Beach set... hurrah!! :) I also got my rollagraph from qvc and some christmas papers and also got Fishy Friends & Fishy Wheel :)

I am still waiting for a ton more stuff to arrive which should come anyday now really :)

As for the diet well i did well until yesterday when i was soooooooo hungry and kinda needed to celebrate getting rid of the shop so we had a very nice chinese! lol. Today i had a salad box thingy so im not going to have any tea, and soooo need to do some miles on the bike as i already feel soo much heavier! Back to the diet i go!!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Todays Card Sketch Challenge

Well this is my effort for todays card sketch challenge.....i am trying to use my bellas more and todays sketch was perfect for the CM Oval Cutter that i have borrowed from Jo, i must say i really like it!

I spent most of the morning tidying the lounge and just spent the last 45 mins making it a mess... with lissys help of course!!

Well the diet is going ok, i had been pretty good just sticking to 1 bowl of cereal a day altho yesterday i was starving so i caved in and had some real food. My Kettlebell came yesterday and boy is that hard work..... and i am still using my bike.... need to use it more but i just get so exhausted after being at the shop all day!
Today will be a test as i am at home all day so i will have to stay away from temptation!



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