Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Poorly Mama

God i felt so ill last night, i had been feeling pretty ill at the shop yesterday.. i had no energy and could hardly even pick Lissy up. Last night i ended up lying on the floor most of the evening. My back hurt so much so i thought lyimng flat would help and it did. I really thought i was going to have to get the dr out as i was freezing cold for quite a few hours and had a beaming headache. I did fall asleep and when i woke up i was boiling hot! lol. Lissy kept on saying Poorly Mama and looking worried, whilst stroking my head!!! I am feeling a bit better now tho, and i hope to get some cards done tonight!


Samm said...

ahhhh, you poor thing and you still got my order out!!! thanks!
Hope you feel better soon!


Sonia said...

Kitty sorry to hear you have been poorly, hope you feeling a little better??
Thanks for my Bellas stamps :)



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