Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Some i made earlier!

Well i did actually make some early last week but i keep forgetting to upload them so here they are.... :)
I made these when i was feeling a bit upset, i knew my PB Stamps would cher me up a bit then and they did, i actually made all these in just a couple of hours... very odd for me to make that amount in that time!!
I have to admit i did see a few other peoples as inspiration (inlcuding planet-pootle) and i have seen loads of peoples cards using this lovely duck stamp so i just had to try it out. I used my Copics & Letrasets on all cards and papers are Pebbles Inc & Doodlebug.

I still can't seem to get my cards right at the moment when i do try so i'm not trying at the moment as i just angry with myself for not doing it right! On a more positive note, it's Lissy's birthday tomorrow, i can't believe she will be 2!! I have tons of wrapping to do and i MUST get some new camera batteries so i can make some mini books with the piccies! We have got her so many toys!! As if she needs anymore... lol... loads of Night Garden, Peppa Pig & Winnie The Pooh.. her fav charecters!

Friday, 26 October 2007

Still about

Sorry i haven't been updating very much. Still have alot going on at the moment and although i have been very positive all week, it all came crashing down again last night. To top it all off i was rushed to hosp this morning, turned out to be nothing serious so thats something i guess. Got the open day tomorrow and i am aren't prepared but i will try my best.

To be honest with you, i feel very very down at the moment, infact i spent about 4hrs crying in the hospital this morning. Michael was with me at the hospital this morning and we talked alot which is prob a good thing but unfortunately i can't see it getting any better between us. I am totally devastated but i am still trying to remain positive, as i know if he didnt want me he would just leave and wouldn't come back. I am doing everything i can to keep my family as i really will have nothing without them two.

Sorry for moaning on and i'll prob delete this post soon, but i have no 1 and i mean no 1 to talk to!

Friday, 19 October 2007

A Card!!!

Finally ... i have a made, well i made it the other night but only just got the chance to add it on here!! Well i have been making other stuff but its magazine stuff so you can't see it yet!

This one i made using a lovely new clear set of stamps that i got from Ally Pally, Basic Grey Paper, SU Riveting & Prima Bubbles. I am hoping to have a play with some stuff later on, think i might get out my Penny Blacks as they always cheer me up, thing is i seem to have lost my creative touch, i just can't get anything right!!
I am still very depressed, but i am still plodding on.. just! Just found out there should be a big delivery of Eat Cake Graphics stamps for the shop due to arrive anyday now so i am quite pleased about that...if you missed out last tyime keep an eye on the site.
I have been very busy with the FCC Site adding tons of shop clearance stock so if you haven't checked it out recently, look now http://www.firstclasscrafts.co.uk/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=52 as there are hundreds of items from just 50p, and up to 80% off. They are really silly prices and are going fast, once they are gone they are gone!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

I am still here

Please don't all go, i promise i will get more creative very soon!

Just as though things look up again it all comes back down. I had a very bad night, infact crying for about 4hrs non stop, so much that when i woke up this morning my eyes were jammed shut and it couldn't open them - was quite scary.

I haven't really felt like creating and hwne i want to i just don't seem to be inspired or everything i make is rubbish. I did manage 1 card last night that i will upload later.... i just wanted to let you all know i am still here!!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Items for sale :)

After my 'high' yesterday i have gone crashing down depressed again! I just can't seem to say or do anything right and i am so annoyed with myself for making everything s**t again. I'm still not eating, i just can't i don't feel like it and i know if i start i won't be able to lose weight again. On average i am losing 1-1.5 lb a day, so i have made it 10lb in just over a week, still got another 10lb at least to go yet tho! Im going to have a Contour Wrap this week, you lose like at least 6 inch off your body so i am gonna do that!!

On a more positive note i have been having a clear out and have lots of things for sale so if you are interested email me kittyframpton@aol.com. Prices are plus p&p.

Papers etc
Light Pink Heidi Swapp Blooms - BNIP £1.25 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
American Crafts Ribbon Spools -BNIP 80p each or all 4 for £2.50
Self Adhesive Vellum Pastel x4 sheets - BNIP £2
Self Adhesive Vellum Bright x3 sheets (purple missing) £1.50
Xmas Paper Packs (12 papers in each pk) £2.50ea or all 3 for£6 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
28 Daisy D's 12x12 Paper & card - Unwanted Gift £6 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT

Judikins Poppy Border - Used a few times, stained rubber slightly £4
Great Impressions Easter Bunny - Brand New £3.50
Whipper Snapper Rain & Umbrella - Used Once £5 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
Whipper Snapper Tux Mannequin - Used Once Like New £4.50
Whipper Snapper Wedding Dress - Used Couple of time, ink spot on wood £4
Butterly - Used couple of times like new £4
Hero Arts Distressed Background - Used couple of times Like new £3
Hero Arts Watercolor Dahlia - Used Once, Like new £3
Hero Arts Background Circle - Used Once, like new £2.50
Hero Arts Celebrate Motif - Brand New £3
Hero Arts Warm Wishes - Brand New £3
Inkadinkadoo Funky Flower - Brand New £3
Kew Gardens Cube - Used Once, Like new £5 SOLD

Green Bitty Body - Used £1.50 (in box) SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
Green PJ & Teddy - Used £1.50 (in box) SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
Sizzlit Acorn - Used Once £1
Red Die Sq's - Used, Like new - no box £3
Red Die Dress & Accessories - BNIP (only opened to look at) £4 SOLD
Thin Cut Flower, Daisy - BNIP £1.50 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT

Big Shot Machine with plates & platform - Used but plates still have some use left in them, local pickup prefered but will post out (might be quite expensive p&p) £25

Cricut Machine - No cartridges, just actual machine with cable & mat (used a few times but still very sticky). Will include instructions if i can find them...no box. Local pickup prefered but i will post out. £140

Cricut Tote Bag - The big green one. Like new. Local pickup only, unless you can get a courier to pick up £35

Friday, 12 October 2007


OK so i am MEGA excited..... WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Yay!

Guess What????


A while ago i sent in some cards to cardmaking & papercraft magazine, as i hadn't heard back i just guessed they weren't suitable, but i just had an email back from Emma to say they love my style and they want me to design a card for them for there valentines issue!!! Yay for me!!!

God i am so pleased, this is a fab confidence boost that i really need at the moment so i am sooo pleased!!

Yay!! *Dances round the room with lissy giving me funny looks*. Going out tonight for a change so gonna have a drink to celebrate, something i rarely get to do!!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Finally... some cards!!

Well i finally have some cards to show you....
The first piccies, is of some cute reindeer cards i made. Yes i did cheat a bit, i bought a kit from hobbycraft, but i did use my own layout and ideas.. i just loved them cute reindeer too much to not use them!
These two i made last night, i totally got my inspiration and layout idea from Michelle S, see my list of blogs -->. I just love the way her cards have such a clean and simple look to them!! I used my beloved bella stamps, some chatterbox papers, snap stamps & my cool new toy, my Bejeweller!!! The Thanks one is for Michaels mum & dennis to say thanks for there help and support over the last few days :)

This one using another fab Penny Black stamp, i just love snowmen at the moment, they are the cutest!! The flower is one of the new christmas bubbles, they have glitter on and everything, they are just fab!!
I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has left comments, emails, pm etc over the last few days... thank you it's much appreciated and nice to know a few people look out for me!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Feeling better

Just wanted to say, i am feeling alot better now!

Thanks for all your kind msgs, emails etc, much appreciated :)

Hopefully i will be a bit more creative soon, so check back for more inspiration soon!!

Sunday, 7 October 2007

I am going thru the worse possible time of my whole life at the moment so i just wanted to let you know i may not be creating much at the moment.

If you are on ukscrappers, i posted in the sponsers forum about it all there, think it was Fridays post :)

K xx

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Strikes have started

Well the strikes have now started...and are right thru until Tuesday!!!
The bad news is no stash for nearly a week, the good news is no bills ... lol!

Well roll on friday, cos Ugly Betty is on!! Today i am planning on teaching Lissy to stamp!! She laready knows what to do, just i am going to try it with ink... it's gonna be messy!!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

More Bellas & Baubles

Yep, we have just had another bella & baubles order for the shop :)

So we now have.....

Grape Juice
Goldie Locks
Cocktail Shaker (Silver)
Hot Lips
Juicy Orange


Of course we still have the others available that we had before too :) Oh and they are at much better prices this time, email me for more info kittyframpton@aol.com


Here are a couple of 'quickies' i made last night!

The first one i made using some new decoupage i picked up at ally pally & my new blonde moments stamps, it's sooo funny! The second one is a nice and plain black & white one i made using the Impression Obsession Damask stamps... i love this set, you can do so much with it! I also made a super fast baby card, i haven't added a greeting to it yet so i will show that one later!

Monday, 1 October 2007

Patsy's Challenge

Here are a few cards i made last night using some of the bits i got at Ally Pally!
The first card is for Patsy's Challenge, over on her blog. She is celebrating having 10,000 hits and wanted us to design a get well soon card, so here is my entry. I am hoping to do another one too!

It's a very simple card using my new AMuse stamps... Julia, i got them from Crop Til You Drop, they have a website & they will order them in too! I just love these lil stamps, good thing i bought loads and got a clear set with tons on too :) :) Very happy!!

The next card is a karting card, Michael has just got into karting so i thought if i could get a stamp, it would show i was thinking of him yesterday... plus he will be so pleased he won't mind about the other stuff..... it seemed to work :) I used the Kart stamp from Dimention fourth & the flag stamp from stamp addicts. The last card is made using a yummy kit i got from hobbycraft, i just love the black & red and needed to make some more quick christmas cards!

Hope you like them!!!



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