Saturday, 30 June 2007

Lissy Pics

Been snapping with the camera today and i just had to share these cute pics of Lissy...... she looks so grown up !!!

SU Sets

OMG ... i am so addicted to the SU stuff, been browsing the gallery on SCS and have found more sets that i just NEED!!

I am after the following retired sets....

Words By Wilson
Classic Convertibles

I am also still looking for Let It Snow, if you have any of these sets, please let me know :)

Friday, 29 June 2007

Yipee Bellas!

Sorry i wasn't able to post yesterday... Michael forgot to bring his laptop home so i couldn't get online :( Boo!

Well that was kinda a good thing really as my bellas finally came Wooppeeee!! It took like nearly 30 days but finaly they arrived ... they were the ones Michael got me for my birthday, (see nagging does work!) i so thought they had gone missing so i was mega pleased when i found they were here! Look i got loads :) :) :)

So i've made a couple of cards today.... one with my new beachabella... the papers are the yummy new ki memories its a girl range, we have the collection on the website & in the shop, its so much nicer in the flesh!!

I also felt like doing something oriental for a change so i made one using the yummy Pink Cat Studio stamps... i love these so much and can't get enough of them!! Let me know what you think :)

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Changito Monnnkeyys!

Well today im exhausted!

Had to get up at 5.30am, to get the train from s'ton at 7 to be in haywards health for 9.15!! I went to a adolescent unit today to find out about being a support worker within the adolescent mental health team. Its something i have wanted to do for ages and suddenly i had the courage to sort something out. The bloke i saw gave me some good advice... told me to research various illness's so i get a guideline about them all....he said he would help me with interview questions too.... unfortunately they havent got any jobs at the moment but told me to apply when they have got some :) I will keep seaching for other units etc and hopefully something will turn up soon!

Well as i was in Haywards Health i thought we could go to the Glitter Pot, i knew they had some of them Changito Monkey stamps ive wanted for ages! I managed to get 4 different ones and a couple of christmas stamps ... gotta get started on them sooner rather than later...!

Well ive had Lissy with me all afternoon so haven't got much done really! I did manage to make a quick card.... what do you think... its my first creation with the monkeys :)

Tuesday, 26 June 2007


If anyone has SU Stipple Rose and wants to sell it, please let me know :)

Ooo also i need Let It Snow... its an oldie, but i really want it to get started on my christmas cards :)



Thanks for all your pm's, i think i have found someone with the Stipple Rose.....but i am still after the Let It Snow..... :)

Monday, 25 June 2007

Bad Kitty

Well as you can probably tell, i have been messing around with my blog today a bit! I finally worked out how to put them thingys on the side ... woohoo :)

Not done any crafting today yet :( Bad Kitty!

However i have been craft shopping well sorta...ive decided i need more SU stuff, not want, NEED! I love the Voila & Crab & Company sets at the moment and think i need Lovely As A Tree.... hmm and i need to start thinking about Christmas... there are a couple of penguins ones that i lurrrvvve!

Anyway i must go do the Dinner now :)

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Josh's Christening!

Well as you can prob tell from the title it was Josh's Christening today... that's Michaels Sisters lil boy he's 6 months now i think, so my newphew and lissys cousin i guess!
Well it was totally awful weather so that wasn't great but other than that it was a good day. The service didn't last long which is good as there were about 10 under 5's in the church all making noises, Lissy decided she would shout everyones names so that was funny! Afterwards there was a big do at Tonys (thats josh's dad) mums house - i think she thought they were feeding the 5 thousand as there was sooooooooooo much food, it all looked very nice and was def yummy!

Josh looked cute, he had a cream lil suit on - bless! The pic above is of my lil one Lissy looking pretty before we left for the service this morning - soooo cute, she says 'Posh Dress'!
So i obviously didnt have much time to make anything much, altho i did the card above just now, another quickie one using my luurvly cat stamps :) I just luve them!

Friday, 22 June 2007

Just a quickie!

Sorry i haven't been around much the last few days... yesterday we went to Bridport area to see my dad, bit unexpected but good fun :)

This just a quickie card i just made whilst Lissy was running about.... she isn't going to sleep very early at the mo so its difficult to make anything much! I must admit i looooovve these new Pink Cat Studio stamps they are so yummy.

I'm hoping my new Stampin Up stuff will arrive anyday now :) I ordered 6 sets..... i can't wait til the new catty comes out... i know i def want the Vases in Vogue & the one with the flourish, i cant remember the name but something beginning with B!

I got some of those Karen Foster Mini Snap Stamps yesterday... not had a chance to play yet but i have been after those for like ages!!!!

Anyway i must go and bath Lissy... she won't go in on her own so she has to come in with me!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

First Attempt!

Well... this is my first attempt at a finished card using my new Pink Cat Studio Stamps, they are simply lovely to use and they come out really well!
I also used AC Ribbon, DCWV Glitter Stack, Primas & Jewels...all available in our online shop... i'm quite pleased with how it turned out for a change!!

Let me know what you think!!

New Pink Cat Studio Stamps!


We have just had our first delivery of Pink Cat Studio. They are on our website

If you got to and search pink cat studio on the gallery you will see all the fab cards people have made to give yo more inspiration!

They are just the coolest designs ever!!

This one below is my favourite ones think!! I am hoping to test them out tonight so hopefully i must a piccie later if i have had time to create anything!

Monday, 18 June 2007

Thorpe Park

Well what a horrible night i had last night.

Michael felt a bit ill in the early evening but it suddenlt got alot worse by 11pm and he was in agony and was sick and thought it might be appendicitus so we called out the dr but by the time the dr got here hours later he felt a bit better but the dr told him to rest over the next few we called off our trip to Thorpe Park... :(

However at 7am today Michael said he was feeling alot better and that he still wanted to go .. so we agreed we would still go but that we would come back if he felt bad again.

Sooo after ages of sitting in Monday Morning Traffic... we finally got there. Most of the morning it rained but it didnt dampen our spirits too much. We do go on most of the rides some were closed due to the weather.... my fav was Colossus it has 10 loops normally i hate upsidedown stuff but as i havent been on ride for over 5 years i like them now!!

Well i haven't been able to make anything today however got some yummy stamps by My Favorite Things... ( i can't wait to use them..... now all i need is some more time!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

I love this set

Ok, so i know i have said it a few times already but i LOVE this new set i got!!!!

I can't seem to stop making cards with it..... usually i have the opposite problem but not this time... it seems i am on a role!

Plus Lissy is sleeping so i am trying to do as much as i can at the mo!

I'm so excited we are going to Thorpe Park tomoz, YAY! I'm going to be terrified of the upsidedown rides, oh well i'll get used to it!

We went to Gunwharf Quays today, its got some cool outlet shops and they have mega cheap stuff. We got Lissy some cool clothes and an eeyore teddy that she wouldn't leave the shop without!! I got a box of card from the Paper Mill shop which is useful!

Yesterday i got another SU set, a retired oldish one called Easy Elegance, it has lovely flowers in and they are reall useful and versatile! I have made 2 cards already with them and last night i made another Bella card, this time using the Javebellas!

I finally found someone in France selling the Mini Karen Foster Snap Stamps so i ordered them quick... can't wait for them to arrive. I'm also considering getting some of the Wonder Watercolour Crayons, everyone seems to be raving about them! I can't wait fofr the new SU catalogue! Just heard that one of my SU orders has left the States.... i will start stalking the postie next week!!

Friday, 15 June 2007

Well what a nightmare last few days i've had!!

Our internet connection at the shop was playing up for the last few days and still is! I have only been able to get on for a few hours today so touch wood it doesn't disappear for a few days again!!!

Loads to tell you...i had loads of my pressies now, a new book, sex & the city box set (all of them!) more stamps and still have more to arrive :)

My Bella Stamps finally arrived! WOOOOhoo! I have only had a small amount of time to play... i have made one card Above... what do you think!!??

I have gone mad ordering stamps lately, i have got about 4 different deliveries due over the next 10 days :) So exciting... i love post ...well only when its not bills :) Well you gotta treat yourself sometime!

I am so excited as we are going to Thorpe Park on Monday, DH decided to treat me as we never get to spend much time together these days so it will be nice to be just the two of us .. i am getting quite scared as i don't normally do upsidedown stuff .. lol!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

I'm Back!

Sorry i haven't been on here much lately. I have been very busy at the shop and making new cards for the shops i supply and haven't had much time to do anything else!

I got some lovely new stash for my birthday which is great, i always love presents and its even better when its crafting stash! Lots tons of new Penny Black stamps, new K&Co, New Fabric Bag, papers etc. Michael said i have got 5 lots of pressies to arrive, we have got up to D now but still am waiting for pressie E, i wonder what that will be!
I ordered some new Bella's ( last night, have wanted some for ages, can't wait til they arrive :)

Anyway here is a few of my new cards i created last night!



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