Monday, 18 June 2007

Thorpe Park

Well what a horrible night i had last night.

Michael felt a bit ill in the early evening but it suddenlt got alot worse by 11pm and he was in agony and was sick and thought it might be appendicitus so we called out the dr but by the time the dr got here hours later he felt a bit better but the dr told him to rest over the next few we called off our trip to Thorpe Park... :(

However at 7am today Michael said he was feeling alot better and that he still wanted to go .. so we agreed we would still go but that we would come back if he felt bad again.

Sooo after ages of sitting in Monday Morning Traffic... we finally got there. Most of the morning it rained but it didnt dampen our spirits too much. We do go on most of the rides some were closed due to the weather.... my fav was Colossus it has 10 loops normally i hate upsidedown stuff but as i havent been on ride for over 5 years i like them now!!

Well i haven't been able to make anything today however got some yummy stamps by My Favorite Things... ( i can't wait to use them..... now all i need is some more time!

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