Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Changito Monnnkeyys!

Well today im exhausted!

Had to get up at 5.30am, to get the train from s'ton at 7 to be in haywards health for 9.15!! I went to a adolescent unit today to find out about being a support worker within the adolescent mental health team. Its something i have wanted to do for ages and suddenly i had the courage to sort something out. The bloke i saw gave me some good advice... told me to research various illness's so i get a guideline about them all....he said he would help me with interview questions too.... unfortunately they havent got any jobs at the moment but told me to apply when they have got some :) I will keep seaching for other units etc and hopefully something will turn up soon!

Well as i was in Haywards Health i thought we could go to the Glitter Pot, i knew they had some of them Changito Monkey stamps ive wanted for ages! I managed to get 4 different ones and a couple of christmas stamps ... gotta get started on them sooner rather than later...!

Well ive had Lissy with me all afternoon so haven't got much done really! I did manage to make a quick card.... what do you think... its my first creation with the monkeys :)


stampingcaz said...

Love your blog and thank you for coming by and linking mine and popping messages there also :)

Love the monkeys! I have them all and I am using them for a class at the glitter pot this weekend.

Best Wishes

Monica Gale said...

Cute little monkeys,and i loove your card



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