Tuesday, 31 July 2007

FAO - Mad Stampers!!

Just thought i would let all you mad stampers know that we have the following stamps on the way......

New MFT August Releases
New Pink Cat Studio Releases
New Hero Arts Christmas
New Penny Black Christmas

All should be here in the next 7 - 14 days, with the MFT & PCS stamps due to arrive the soonest!

Monday, 30 July 2007

Bad Blogger Kitty

Sorry i haven't been around muh lately. We went to my dads on Saturday evening and we went out to Yeovil on Sunday and went to my dads again so we have spent most of the last few days in the car driving.

I haven't made anything for a few days now...:( Mind you i have just had the Garden Silhouettes SU Set delivered so i hopefully will get to play with that soon!

My diet is going pretty well... so far today i haven't even eaten anything yet as its like 2.30pm! Plus i did 4miles on the bike today before i even left for work so i am quite pleased.

I've had cereal for 4 days now i think.. and cereal only! I am gonna try and only have 1 bowlful today cos i always have a massive bowl anyway.. but i will feel better if i only have 1 bowl!

Ive just ordered a kettlebell, its a new style of weight that all the celebs are using... can burn up to 1500 calories an hour... ive only got the lightest one to start with its 6kg tho, but then i can work up to the others then... i think thats heavy enough for me tho!

I don't seem to have lost much weight yet and don't feel lighter yet but i guess that will come in time... well hopefully!

Friday, 27 July 2007

Thanks A Latte

Well the delivery of MTFStamps arrived at the shop today and i really think they are gonna be so popular, infact we sold some within minutes of having them in the shop! It's great as they send me a couple of sets tp play with too! I have just been playing with the Hot Stuff stuff one so here is my quick creation so far....I have always wanted a coffee type set so i love this one!

Alex (sillybirds) is hopefully gonna be doing some DT work for me using these so i can't wait to see what she creates with them :)

Here is my rather glittery creation using the Bee Trio stamp you can really see all the glitter buts its on the flower, paper... everywhere! I really love stampendous stamps at the moment they are so funky!

No Energy!

Sorry i haven't been around much lately. I have been feeling very lathargic and had no energy to even craft, which is very unlike me. Michael reckons i might be coming down with something! Lissy was an absolute nightmare yesterday... typical as i had so much to sort out and was pretty busy!

I didn't sleep hardly at all last night, alot of things on my mind at the moment and today is the 7th Anniversary of when i was sexually attacked when i was younger so i always get depressed this time of year every year. Michael has forgotten totally and doesn't understand why i am so upset! In a positiive thought tho it does make me think how far i have come since all that and that i now have a lovely daughter to live for.

Anyway aside from all that depressing stuff......... yesterday i decided to go on a much needed diet AGAIN! I went out a bought a new exercise bike & pedometer... and have decided i can only have water, tea & cereal... a bit unhealthy i know but when i do that way i lose weight quick and since i haven't really lost much weight since having lissy, its time i fit back in my size 8 clothes.... lol.. highly unlikely but i will try at least! Wish me luck.. i am gonna need it since we are next door to a bakery at the shop!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Stamping Withdrawal

It weird i was only saying to Michael that i haven't had any new stamps for nearly a week and i reckon im getting withdrawal symptoms, cos i haven't had any the last few days and guess what turns up... stamps :) Hurrah!

I finally got one of my ebay packages, i got Let It Snow (1997 version) and Great Groupings.

I've already had a crack and made this card.... i looooooove this snowman, he is just sooooo cute :) I spent ages trying to find it so i am pleased i managed to track it down :)

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Roses In Winter

OOO i just got this set and i must say its really fab! I def need some more 2 tone coloured inks, i thought i had more but i can't find any!!! Another excuse to buy more supplies! I did case a couple of cards i saw on SCS, but its def one of those sets you have to practise with! I think i am getting better tho, seeing as i've only used it a couple of times!

I just put my first order in for new SU stuff so i can't wait til that arrives, it'll be a few weeks yet but it'll be worth the wait, i can't wait!
This is another quick card i made using Bareback SU Set, i am not normally a horsey person but i really like this set, its great for horsey lovers & male cards.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Monkeyin' Around

I got this little film strip punch the other day and just had to use it! It does take a while to do it and get it straight but you get the hang of it eventually! Its makes a change for me not to use patterned paper!!

I love these little monkeys and finally got the Guitar one the other day.... they are just soooo cute.. i only need the Banana one now and i've got the complete set!
I must say i have only just got some SU cardstock but i am really lovin it, its got a create feel to it and its really sturdy... i am gonna have to get some more!

An Award!

WOW, i am so pleased to have been chosen to receive this from Caz!! This is one of those tagging things for blogs, and its pink - how cool is that!!!

Anyway now its my turn to Nominate 5 other people who i think are worthy of this award!!!


Make sure you check out there blogs, they are some truly amazing and inspirational ladys :) Links at the side :)

So girlies, congratulations, make sure you wear this award on your blog somewhere so everyone can see it and pass it on to another 5 talented ladies of your choice!!!

Crab & Co

Just made a quick one whilst Lissy was sleeping!

I love these new Crab & Co stamps they are sooo cute and you can use them for all occasions. I can't wait til i get my Gina K Crab ones they are sooo cool too!!!

Friday, 20 July 2007

New Stamps!!!

Firstly i just want to apologize for being a bad blogger!! Yesterday i had my SU order arrive and was planning to create lots of things, but Michaels mum & dennis randomly turned out when i had rubbah all over the floor, so funny they hate mess!! Anyway that took up most of the night so i haven't even played with my SU stuff. This is what i got.....

Bareback, Crab & Co, Sassy Stems, Voila, Canvas BG, Roses In Winter, Ruff Day, Riveting, Watercolor Pencils, Blending Pens, Wonder Crayons, Soft Subtles, Bold Brights & Earth Elements Cardstock..... there may be more but i cant remember!!

But today in the shop we have a massive delivery of Stampendous Stamps including the new Bees, Changito Monkeys, Ollie & Olivia Owls, Pookie (Christmas Girl & Boys), Nativity ones, Penguins and loads loads more. I quickly made these christmas ones tonight for tomorrow as Demos for the shop, i cased the ideas in the Stampendous Catty but over the next few days i will have more time to play and create my own designs, i can't wait!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

More Things For Sale

Well i have a couple of other items for sale, including bellas - well Michael got me some that i already had so i have some doubles, i would never sell any of my beloved bellas, honest!!


Banana Frog Clear Stamps, Thiamine Alphabet - Used Once £9

Banana Frog Clear Stamps, Funky Paisley - Used Once £9

Cricut Cartridge, Going Places - Used Once £45

Stamping Bella Stamps, Jammybella - BNIP £3.50 SOLD
Stamping Bella Stamps, Emmybella - BNIP £3 SOLD
Stamping Bella Stamps, Cakeabella - BNIP £3 SOLD

Ellison Design Thin Cut, Cross 2 - BNIP £2
A6 Envelopes x50, White - BNIP £1.50

If you are interested in any of these items please let me know by emailing kittyframpton@aol.com.

Vase Of Flowers

Here is a quick card i made last night whilst catching on on the latest soaps!! Its a nice simple one made using Hobby Art Dandelion Stamp & French Script.
I got this Dandelion stamp a couple of months ago and forgot i had it until i started sorting out stuff, its a nice and simple one, it looks similar to Vases In Vogue so this is gonna be my substitute until i can get hold of Vases In Vogue. I saw one went on Ebay for $80, wow thats alot for a stamp set.
I was looking through my bank statements the other day and realised i hadn't been paid Child Benefit for a while so i called them up and it turns out they didnt have our new address (we moved in oct06) so i gave them our new address and it turns out i havent had payments since January so i am oued like 6 months of payments which should be over £300, and it should be in my account in the next few days.... woohoo.. we can finally get some food!! It does explain why we have been a bit short of money for while!!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Construction Birthday

This is my first proper card i've made with Little Trucks. Its retired ages ago but i thought it would be perfect for lil boys cards, as i still find it hard to find stamps that are great for that so i am always looking for more.

I'm quite pleased how it turned out :)

Couple of Quickies!!!

Whilst Lissy was napping and i was mid-tidy.. i thought i would make a couple of quick cards. The So Cool Duck is one i cased by stampowl, its sooo cute, i love those lil duckies! The second one has the reindeer & holly stamp that i bought at Newbury, both my Great Impressions. If i had had the Marvy Mega punch it would have looked alot better, but i had to improvise with what i had!!

I went to our local shop today, where they have a stand of my Handmade Cards for sale, i decided i would sort out what they have sold etc so i can get making some more for them and as it turns out they have sold loads, in fact they only have about 10 left! So i've gotta get making and quick! The DTM is on soon so hopefully i will be able to make stuff whilst Michael is watching that!

The Big Clear Out - Stuff For Sale

Ok, so maybe i haven't finished moving & sorting yet but i have done a fair share of it, but we need to get some more storage units and shelves put up first before i do much more!!

Here is another list of items that need to go, there are pics at the bottom, some items are brand new..... if you are interested email me kittyframpton@aol.com. I prefer paypal but can take cheques/postal orders too :)

Sale - NOTE UPDATED - Sold items removed!

Assortment Box Of Silver Metal Letters, BNIP - £2.50

MM Flower Brads, BNIP - £2

Whispers Blue Ink, BNIP - £1

2 PC Etcetera Foam Stamps Upper & Lowercase, Some letters tried out, mostly unused - £6

DCWV Mini Stack, BNIP - £3

Vellum Tag Kit In Storage, BNIP - £2

Thick Cuts Bag, BNIP - £8

Little Claire Designs Fairy Stamp, Brand New - £4

Happy Birthday Stamp, Used Once - £1

Dawn Bibby 2 Flowers, Brand New -£2 Dawn Bibby Daisy, Used - £1.50

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Another Bella!

I made this one quickly today whilst i was watching Casualty! I decided to set myself a challenge to make a card using a layout i wouldn't normally use.... what do ya reckon...?

I used Provocraft Papers, Blooms, Jewel Brads, Organdy Ribbon & Teddybella stamp :)

The Big Clear Out!!!

I have decided its time to have a major sort out! Tomorrow i am going to be moving all my craft stuff from every lounge corner to the office wall!! Its gonna take a while but it really needs doing. As i moving everything i am gonna have a sort out & clear out. Any items i don't have room for or i simply don't need anymore i am going to list on here. So if you would like any of these items please email me kittyframpton@aol.com and we can sort something out.

I have already found a few things to sell : NOTE UPDATED - Sold items removed


Sizzix Hearts 38-0157 - Brand New, Not Opened, In Orig Packing... £6
Sizzix Paper Sculpting Tulip 38-1118 - Used Once In Orig Packaging....£5
Sizzix Doll Boy Hair Set #1 38-0106 - Used Once In Orig Packaging...£5
Sizzix Doll Body 38-0100 - Used In Orig Packaging...£5
Sizzix Album Page Insert 38-1139 - Used Couple Of Times, In Orig Packaging....£5


Sizzix Balloons 38-0147 - Used, In Box No Design Cover £3
Sizzix Swirls 38-0160 - Used In Orig Packaging £3.50

More to come soon :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

More Stamps!!!

Yes... i had some more SU stamps come in the post! I keep telling myself & Michael they are second hand/unused ones so im saving myself money.. lol.. of course thats not always the case when they retire!!

I got Classic Convertibles today & Little Trucks, so great for boys & men! Ive been after Classic Convertibles for ages and am soooo pleased i can now play with it, i've got so many ideas for it, but so little time. Here is a card i made briefly.

Anyway im off to catch Wire In The Blood, love that programme, so glad its back on!

Little Lady

Oh My Gosh... i just love the Papertrey Ink sets, especially the Little Lady set. I've also got the Butterflies one but i haven't had a chance to play with that one yet really.

Ok so i made this last night, i used a couple of ideas off the papertrey ink website and changed a few bits & pieces.

I can't wait til the Marvy Punches arrive, it'll be so much better to use the scallop oval & circle with the punch that fits inside it perfectly and what with PTI bring out 5 more sets this month to coordinate with the scallop punches... perfect!!

I can't believe the sun is out - Woohoo, i better get some washing out quick before it rains again!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Demo Area

I've only just got home from the shop and im exhausted! I spent the best part of 2 hours today on my own re-arranging the shop! My god paper stands with hundreds of papers in are MEGA heavy!! I am pleased to say we now have a Demo area which may also be used for special product offers too.... i even managed to test it out today by making a couple of cards, only very brief quick ones.... what do ya think....???
Oooo yes, my new Papertreyink stamps arrived today - WOOHOO!!! These are my first ones from them and i have to say they are sooooooooooo nice. Love the funky packaging, its all top top top quality... i did manage to have a little play... this is what i came up with first... i know its basic etc but i didn't have all my supplies with me at the shop so i could only use what i had!!

I dunno if i will get much done tonight, ive got terrible stomach cramps, have had them for a couple of days but they seem to be getting worse... hopefully they will clear up soon :)

Sunday, 8 July 2007

More cards from today!

Ok, so here are a few more cards ive been making today :)

The first one is my personal fav, i love turquoise and cats at the moment so it combines the two! I used an idea i saw on SCS, this is the card i cased - http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/601843. Obviously i changed the set and colours but used the layout idea :). The other cards i made using some new stamps i got from Clever Cut, only quick ones but ideal for mens cards.
I'm hoping some of my many SU sets will arrive this week and i have just found my last SU order has just been shipped... woohoo... its mostly the sets that have just retired... Roses In Winter etc ... i'm looking forward to those already!

Pansy 3D

Michaels watching the Grand Prix so i get to do cards for a while :) :)

Just spent a while making this simple card!

I tried to make it simple looking and peaceful. Its not my usual style but i needed this one to be quick, for one of my friends. I 3d' the flowers and make it stand out a bit more :)

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Look What I got!!!!

Well i went to Newbury Artstamps Show today and bought a ton of stuff! We got there before 10 and were in the queue which was already massive by the time we got there but at least we were there ready for the bargains. I saw loads of people i know who come to my shop and chatted to loads of the exhibitors who i know from doing shows and everything :)

So what did i buy?? Well all the piccys below show what i got. Loads of stamps for my Rubbah addiction!! And of course loadsa ribbon - my other increasing addiction!

Friday, 6 July 2007

Off tomoz!!

Well like everyone else in the south, im off to Newbury Stamp show.... :) Its the show i really look forward to every year, and it only takes about an hour to get there! My dad and Ros (his partner) are coming over in a min from Bridport to stay over then take me tomorrow morning. Ive just got Ros into stamps so its great to go with someone who actually has an interest rather than Michael who moans all the time, bless him!!!

Well i haven't done any crafting as ive only just got home, altho i did make a card for a friend at the shop today but i didnt take the camera so i cant post a piccy! Anyway sometimes she reads this i think so it wouldnt be a good idea anyway!

Hopefully i will post tomorrow with piccys of the goodies i bought... if any!! lol - i reckon there will be!

Thursday, 5 July 2007


Ok, so i totally forgot about doing my dads birthday card! Well not true exactly i knew it was soon infact i knew the exact date but i wanted to use Classic Convertibles... but it hasn't arrived yet.. so i was looking through my stuff but i don't have much man-ish stuff...so well i didnt have long to make this card but this is what i came up with. I didn't like these papers to begin with, but i am growing quite fond of them, they are so boyish... and cute!! I used one of my new MissyB stamps... lurve them!! I thought i would try a different layout.....for a change :)

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

I've been tagged!

Wow, i've been tagged, i've never been tagged before, not surprising really as i am very very new to all this blogging mal-larkey!

Anyway i was tagged by the lovely Anna, she has such a cool blog that i check out on a regulary basis, she creates some of the most beautiful cards ever - a true inspiration

The Rules - Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to blog about their 7 things and post the rules as well. At the end of your blog you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!!

1) I have only been stamping about a year but i already have hundreds & hundreds of stamps and i love getting more - totally addicted!

2) Our house is always a mess, no matter how much i tidy up, its always is in a mess!

3) I haven't been on holiday abroad since i was 11.

4) My fiancee bought my engagement ring from Tiffanys (US) and it cost £2500, he was saving for over a year!

5) I once (a few years back) was a size 6!

6) I am addicted to Chinese food, i have to have it at least twice a week!!!

7) I think Will Mellor (from 2 Pints of lagar & a packet of crisps) is rather yummy!!

Now I tag:-

Caz - http://stampingcaz.blogspot.com/
Ashley - http://ashleyscreativecorner.blogspot.com/
Stamp Owl - http://stampowl.blogspot.com/
Michelle - http://www.comestampwithme.blogspot.com/
Jami - http://jami.blogs.splitcoaststampers.com/
Belle Papier - http://bellepapier.blogs.splitcoaststampers.com/
Samm - http://samm-l.blogspot.com/

Mooves You!

Well, i have already made my first creation using the Missy B Design stamps that arrived today, i used one of the cows & my k&co hopscotch girl mad i got for my birthday ... what do you think?

New Rubbah & Ribbon

I have more goodies to play with... he hee! Sorry the piccy is dark, Lissy was in the way!

My order from Missy B Designs just turned up :) I have monkey, frog & dog and Happy Cows & Funky Ducks....they are soo nice i cant wait to start using them! Melissa also included me a freebie (the one with the legs that say friends) so thanks Melissa - you are a star :)

My other package was my Monthly Ribbon Kit i get from Lianne at Little Silver Hat, this months is called Heatwave, Reds, Oranges & Yellow ... so summery even if the weather isn't! It also had some jewel brads, flowers & felt flowers too they are sooo yummy!
I have now decided im addicted as i am not happy if im not waiting for any goodies to arrive! Soo to help me overcome my addiction i have to keep buying so i have more goodies to arrive :) LOL!! Well thats my excuse anyway!

This card is one i made for todays Sketch Challenge on SCS, i used the pirate images Alex sent me (Thanks hun) and some of the new K&co papers i didnt realise i had!! I kept it nice & simple!

Day Off!!

Ah my day off has finally arrived!
I think i did quite well last night as i managed to tidy & hoover the lounge, but after a while of crafting today its covered in craft stuff with bits everywhere!! Also have Lissys coloring stuff out too which creates more mess - oh well i guess i was never born to be tidy so why be something your not!!

Ok so far today i've already made one card and its not even midday!! Well this one was made using my new Snowflakes set, well i had better get designing cards for Christmas as its not too far away! I decided not to use traditional green & red so i decided on lilac.. just to be a bit different. I would have used my hole punch for the ribbon sides but after hunting for 1hr and nit finding it i gave up and used staples instead! I wouldn't say this is my usual style... but its different to say the least.... let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Lovin SU Stamps!

After my delivery yesterday i must say i am LOVIN SU stamps.... they are sooooo cool. I haven't had much time to play today as i have been at the shop but hopefully tomoz i will get a lil bit more of a chance! I have so far managed to make this card using the Totally Cool set, this is my first card i've made using this set, she aslo has a sparkly bag but you cant really tell on the piccy! I used some colours i wouldn't normally use together and i was quite pleased how it turned out, it didn't take too long either - i was watching Sex & The City so it did take longer that it normally would have!!!

My SU Stuff Came!

WOW i was so excited about my SU stuff turning up yesterday i forgot to tell you guys! It took slightly longer than expected as it got stuck in customs but i now am the proud owner of 7 brand new SU sets! I got Bubble Queen, Totally Cool, Happy Everything, French Script, Cool Cat, Snowflakes & Hostess Springtime Stems.

I spent most of last night cutting the rubber to size etc... my god that stuff is mega sticky, i had rubber all over the place in the lounge - although its sooooo much easier to cut now i have my lovely KAI scissors! I was rather keen to use them last night but after all that i didnt have much time left and Lissy went to bed pretty late so i couldn't do much.... i did manage to make this simple card using Bubble Queen.

Lissy woke up in th early hours of the morning, i think she had a bad dream so she came in the bed with us... but she like to spread out so i was half off the bed most of the night and being kicked wasn't my idea of fun, so i am pretty tired now!
Im still waiting for quite alot of new stamps and bits... hopefully i should have.. MissyB, Papertreyink, and loads more SU stuff on the way :) I love getting parcels. Anyway i had better get back to work, got the shop display to do today.. and lissy is already being a pain - ahh what a good start!

Sunday, 1 July 2007

New SU Catty

Well after waiting what seems like forever, we can all see the new SU catty!! Hurrah!. I've just spent the last hour looking through and making lists of definately, maybe, hostess sets, wheels & accessories! I think i must be up to at least $600, which isn't soooo bad!! Could be alot worse, plus DH said thats not too bad its only about £300, (*sigh*) if only he was paying, lol!!

I made a quickie card whilst i was waiting for the SU catty to come up! Using them cute Changito Monkeys again!

It's Crafting Time!!

Well the grand prix is on so that means it's crafting time!
I've already made 2 cards & done cooked dinner so i am on a roll - in the meantime i've been drawing pocoyo charectors for Lissy to colour in!!

The first card is my first Christmas Card of this year.... i will get making more now its July as i need to have loads ready in October to sellt o the shops, let alone give them to family & friends! The second card is using my lovely new My Favorite Things stamps, this is the first card i have made with this set... nice, clean & simple... and very quick to make! I think i might make a few more of these.... i love the doogies... they are so cute!

I'm mega pleased as i have managed to find someone with Classic Convertibles... can't wait to start using that! I really thought that the new SU catalogue would have gone live at midnight last night....(so 8am here) but no, its gonna be around noon so we have to wait til 8pm!!! Crikey thats ages to wait..... it's not that i really need any more but who am i trying to kid.... i always NEEEED more stamps, a girl can never have enough stamps.... just wish Michael would understand this! lol... i can only wish!



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