Sunday, 1 July 2007

New SU Catty

Well after waiting what seems like forever, we can all see the new SU catty!! Hurrah!. I've just spent the last hour looking through and making lists of definately, maybe, hostess sets, wheels & accessories! I think i must be up to at least $600, which isn't soooo bad!! Could be alot worse, plus DH said thats not too bad its only about £300, (*sigh*) if only he was paying, lol!!

I made a quickie card whilst i was waiting for the SU catty to come up! Using them cute Changito Monkeys again!


Samm said...

Cute card!!! It's amazing how the stash all adds up doesn't it???LOL!!


stampingcaz said...

Love your monkeys! We did a class with them Saturday, we had so much fun, cute little guys.



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