Saturday, 7 July 2007

Look What I got!!!!

Well i went to Newbury Artstamps Show today and bought a ton of stuff! We got there before 10 and were in the queue which was already massive by the time we got there but at least we were there ready for the bargains. I saw loads of people i know who come to my shop and chatted to loads of the exhibitors who i know from doing shows and everything :)

So what did i buy?? Well all the piccys below show what i got. Loads of stamps for my Rubbah addiction!! And of course loadsa ribbon - my other increasing addiction!


Unknown said...

OMG how much stuff did you get, blimey, look at all those stamps!!!

Sarah said...

you must have spent even more than me :)

I had a good time there today too - have put all my stuff away now...I should have done the same as you and took a piccie for the old blog, didn't think

mum-on-the-run said...

Blimey! You did well!

Love the look of all the rubber



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