Friday, 6 July 2007

Off tomoz!!

Well like everyone else in the south, im off to Newbury Stamp show.... :) Its the show i really look forward to every year, and it only takes about an hour to get there! My dad and Ros (his partner) are coming over in a min from Bridport to stay over then take me tomorrow morning. Ive just got Ros into stamps so its great to go with someone who actually has an interest rather than Michael who moans all the time, bless him!!!

Well i haven't done any crafting as ive only just got home, altho i did make a card for a friend at the shop today but i didnt take the camera so i cant post a piccy! Anyway sometimes she reads this i think so it wouldnt be a good idea anyway!

Hopefully i will post tomorrow with piccys of the goodies i bought... if any!! lol - i reckon there will be!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Ha what do you mean sometimes, I read it every time you post, I shall have you know!!!! lol and I got your beautiful card and get well pressie, soooo huge hugs and thanks I will post a piccie on my blog of it, and you can steal it from there!!!! lol



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