Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Day Off!!

Ah my day off has finally arrived!
I think i did quite well last night as i managed to tidy & hoover the lounge, but after a while of crafting today its covered in craft stuff with bits everywhere!! Also have Lissys coloring stuff out too which creates more mess - oh well i guess i was never born to be tidy so why be something your not!!

Ok so far today i've already made one card and its not even midday!! Well this one was made using my new Snowflakes set, well i had better get designing cards for Christmas as its not too far away! I decided not to use traditional green & red so i decided on lilac.. just to be a bit different. I would have used my hole punch for the ribbon sides but after hunting for 1hr and nit finding it i gave up and used staples instead! I wouldn't say this is my usual style... but its different to say the least.... let me know what you think!

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