Saturday, 14 July 2007

The Big Clear Out!!!

I have decided its time to have a major sort out! Tomorrow i am going to be moving all my craft stuff from every lounge corner to the office wall!! Its gonna take a while but it really needs doing. As i moving everything i am gonna have a sort out & clear out. Any items i don't have room for or i simply don't need anymore i am going to list on here. So if you would like any of these items please email me and we can sort something out.

I have already found a few things to sell : NOTE UPDATED - Sold items removed


Sizzix Hearts 38-0157 - Brand New, Not Opened, In Orig Packing... £6
Sizzix Paper Sculpting Tulip 38-1118 - Used Once In Orig Packaging....£5
Sizzix Doll Boy Hair Set #1 38-0106 - Used Once In Orig Packaging...£5
Sizzix Doll Body 38-0100 - Used In Orig Packaging...£5
Sizzix Album Page Insert 38-1139 - Used Couple Of Times, In Orig Packaging....£5


Sizzix Balloons 38-0147 - Used, In Box No Design Cover £3
Sizzix Swirls 38-0160 - Used In Orig Packaging £3.50

More to come soon :)

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