Monday, 30 July 2007

Bad Blogger Kitty

Sorry i haven't been around muh lately. We went to my dads on Saturday evening and we went out to Yeovil on Sunday and went to my dads again so we have spent most of the last few days in the car driving.

I haven't made anything for a few days now...:( Mind you i have just had the Garden Silhouettes SU Set delivered so i hopefully will get to play with that soon!

My diet is going pretty well... so far today i haven't even eaten anything yet as its like 2.30pm! Plus i did 4miles on the bike today before i even left for work so i am quite pleased.

I've had cereal for 4 days now i think.. and cereal only! I am gonna try and only have 1 bowlful today cos i always have a massive bowl anyway.. but i will feel better if i only have 1 bowl!

Ive just ordered a kettlebell, its a new style of weight that all the celebs are using... can burn up to 1500 calories an hour... ive only got the lightest one to start with its 6kg tho, but then i can work up to the others then... i think thats heavy enough for me tho!

I don't seem to have lost much weight yet and don't feel lighter yet but i guess that will come in time... well hopefully!


Anna said...

Kitty, I am so pleased that you are stocking the MFT stamps. I have today ordered a set from you. Are you going to be stocking the new sets which are coming out on 1 August?

P.S. I have tagged you. Details are on my blog.

Unknown said...

OMG Kitty, you need to eat more girl, or you will keel over!!!!



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