Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Todays Card Sketch Challenge

Well this is my effort for todays card sketch challenge.....i am trying to use my bellas more and todays sketch was perfect for the CM Oval Cutter that i have borrowed from Jo, i must say i really like it!

I spent most of the morning tidying the lounge and just spent the last 45 mins making it a mess... with lissys help of course!!

Well the diet is going ok, i had been pretty good just sticking to 1 bowl of cereal a day altho yesterday i was starving so i caved in and had some real food. My Kettlebell came yesterday and boy is that hard work..... and i am still using my bike.... need to use it more but i just get so exhausted after being at the shop all day!
Today will be a test as i am at home all day so i will have to stay away from temptation!



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