Friday, 3 August 2007

.......Sad new & cheerful stash!

Well today and yesterday have kinda been sad days as i decided that it was time to close the bricks & mortar shop. You can see more about it on Ukscrappers....

As you will see from that, we are still going to continue the business but will feature on Stamps, for cardmakimg, atc's, scrapbooking and more, which is gonna be great :) :) :)

To cheer me up i had some goodies in the post... i got my monthly ribbon kit ( Lianne has done such a great job yet again and its soooo summery and will go with the MFT Beach set... hurrah!! :) I also got my rollagraph from qvc and some christmas papers and also got Fishy Friends & Fishy Wheel :)

I am still waiting for a ton more stuff to arrive which should come anyday now really :)

As for the diet well i did well until yesterday when i was soooooooo hungry and kinda needed to celebrate getting rid of the shop so we had a very nice chinese! lol. Today i had a salad box thingy so im not going to have any tea, and soooo need to do some miles on the bike as i already feel soo much heavier! Back to the diet i go!!!


Samm said...

ahhhhh, sorry to hear you're closing your shop! Chocolate and stash will make you feel better!!!LOL!


Anna said...

I am so sorry to hear that you are closing the shop. I will miss seeing your shop at the Ally Pally.

Anna x



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