Sunday, 2 September 2007

Some new stash

I thought we should get out the house for a bit as we have been so busy adding products to the site and still have hundreds to add and sort out.... after all everyone deserves a break!

So we went down to HobbyCraft & The Range as i had run out of white card... of course some others bits fell into my basket!

I can't take any pics as i left the memorycard in M's laptop that he left at the office! lol oops!

Well anyway whilst in HC i saw some Letraset pro markers, the kind that are used for MangaArt, i thought these might be similar and a cheaper alternative to Copic Markers.... so i did get them, i have only tried thm out a bit and they are really fab.... i hoep to actually make something soon using them!

Also got some Derwent Watercolor Pencils, 100 sheets of white card, some stickers for lissy, some foam stickers and some other crafty bits for lissy! She likes to do crafty and feel involved especialy when its her 'own' crafty stuff, i know she isn't even 2 yet but she is very advanced for her age... especially where drawing/coloring is concerned!

When we were in the range we came across the most gorgeous candle holders, we are gonna be redecorating our bedroom soon and they were the last set so i had to have them too!

I am off to sort out this BBQ, Lissy is sat here watching In The Night Garden, my god that show is sooooooooo sketchy, i bet the creators were on acid or something.. with names like PinkyPlonk what do they expect!! lol.

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