Wednesday, 28 May 2008

...& more!!!

Yup another 2!!! Can't stop creating!! Both are adorned with Glitter but the photo doesn't pick it up that well!!

Supplies - Martini Glass Stamp by Dimention Fourth, Doodlebug Papers, Zoomz, Stickles....Penny Black Stamp, Cwc mini msg, Stickles & Ribbon


Anonymous said...

I am really concern with your blog because it is boring. Yeah its boring. I think no one comes in your site. Yeah really boring.

Sarah said...

Two more great cards. I especially like the second card as it can appeal to all ages.

I'd ignore the previous comments on the last few posts, your blog is great and I check in everyday!!
xx :0)

Unknown said...

Hey Kitty!

How are you?

I'm lovin' your cards!! Your so talented.

Ignore those other comments - very rude.

Emma xx

Jen said...

I can't believe the cheek of some people! I love your blog, in fact, if you pop over to mine - I've just given you an award for your inspiration. Thank you.
Jennifer x



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