Sunday, 6 January 2008

Well i am getting rid of most of my personal stash due to continued family issues so here is my collection of Magnolia stamps that i went a bit mad on!!! I've not even used most of them!! I have tried to call them by the names on website or what they look like but please email if you want a picture. P&p is [U]included [/U]in all prices, add 65p tho if you want recorded. Paypal or postal orders please :)

[U]BRAND NEW IN PACKAGING[/U] All £4.50 each inc p&p
Edwin With Broom SOLD
Tilda Sat On Present SOLD
Tilda in Scarf SOLD
Tilda With Lantern SOLD
Winter Tilda Leaning (small one only £3.50) SOLD

[U]BRAND NEW & UNUSED (no packaging)[/U] All £4 each inc p&p
Flying Edwin x2 (somehow ended up with 2) SOLD
Tilda With Daffodil & Plaits SOLD
Tilda With Teddy SOLD
Edwin With Star & Wand x2 SOLD
Edwin In Bath x2 SOLD
Tilda In Jumper SOLD
Tilda In Rain (small one only £3) SOLD
Tilda Crossed Legged SOLD
Tilda Cuddling Flowers x2 SOLD
Tilda On Cloud SOLD

[U]USED ONCE/TWICE - IN TOP COND[/U] All £3.50 each inc p&p

Tila With Flowers/Posies & Plaits SOLD
Edwin Wizard SOLD
Tilda In Santa Hat SOLD
Tilda With Hat SOLD
Tilda With Flowers SOLD
Edwin Fishing SOLD
Edwin With Bauble SOLD
Tilda with 1 flower SOLD
Tilda On Present SOLD
Tilda Leaning (like in logo) SOLD
Sat Down Tilda With Wings (baby looking one) SOLD
Tilda & Edwin Wedding SOLD

& NOW BELLAS........


Giddyupabella SOLD
Kinibella SOLD
Pregabella SOLD
Merrybella SOLD
Giftabella SOLD
Cardbackabella SOLD
Bridalpartybellas SOLD
Polkadot Cake
Christmakah (snowman)
Square Zig Zag Border


Diplomabella SOLD
Billboardabella SOLD
Beachabella SOLD
Walkabella SOLD


~* Donna *~ said...

Hi there i have noticed how you have a love for Magnolia ( Tilda stamps) & thought i would let you know about my new blog i have created , it is a weekly change blog and challenges start every Sunday, Today is our first day of going live and we are offering free blog candy to 2 lucky people for our first week If interested then goto Tilda & Co Challenge Blog

~* Donna *~ said...

have you got any pictures of these stamps ? as im finding it hard to work out which is what? and very interested in them.


Susan said...

Hi, I would like to buy beachabella, billboardbella and giftabella if still available.

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

Tilda With Daffodil & Plaits
[U]USED ONCE/TWICE - IN TOP COND[/U] All £3.50 each inc p&p

Tila With Flowers/Posies & Plaits
Tilda With Hat
Tilda With Flowers
Tilda with 1 flower

hi i would like to have these stamps.
iam from the us. can i pay you with paypal?
thank you

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

and these too
Tilda in Scarf
Tilda With Lantern

Clair Matthews said...

Hi Kitty, Sorry to hear you are still having family troubles, hope things are getting sorted.

I would like to offer you £20 for all your bellas,email me you are interested.

Luv Sharni xxx



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