Tuesday, 3 July 2007

My SU Stuff Came!

WOW i was so excited about my SU stuff turning up yesterday i forgot to tell you guys! It took slightly longer than expected as it got stuck in customs but i now am the proud owner of 7 brand new SU sets! I got Bubble Queen, Totally Cool, Happy Everything, French Script, Cool Cat, Snowflakes & Hostess Springtime Stems.

I spent most of last night cutting the rubber to size etc... my god that stuff is mega sticky, i had rubber all over the place in the lounge - although its sooooo much easier to cut now i have my lovely KAI scissors! I was rather keen to use them last night but after all that i didnt have much time left and Lissy went to bed pretty late so i couldn't do much.... i did manage to make this simple card using Bubble Queen.

Lissy woke up in th early hours of the morning, i think she had a bad dream so she came in the bed with us... but she like to spread out so i was half off the bed most of the night and being kicked wasn't my idea of fun, so i am pretty tired now!
Im still waiting for quite alot of new stamps and bits... hopefully i should have.. MissyB, Papertreyink, and loads more SU stuff on the way :) I love getting parcels. Anyway i had better get back to work, got the shop display to do today.. and lissy is already being a pain - ahh what a good start!

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stampingcaz said...

I love parcels too. I havent got much coming to me at the moment, some Bellas, some ribbons, some crocs and thats about it.



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