Saturday, 2 March 2013

Farnborough Stash!

I have been working my socks off lately, lots of late night and working weekends, mostly behinds the scenes stuff and mag work so yesterday i had a well deserved day off. Of course it had to involve craft so i went to the Make It Show at Farnborough. We normaly exhibit at this show but we didn't this year but i still wanted to go as it's normally a fab show and yes yet again it was awesome! There were quite a few companies i spotted with fab stuff.. seeing as i only actually needed glue this is what i came back with... oops!
As you will see when it comes to shows i seriously i have no self control!! I might not be going to the NEC now so i thought i would make the most of it incase i can't go! Loads of stamps and alterable things of course and a few dies and some embellies too!! Can't wait  to get playing with it all. I have been trying to tidy my craft area and for once i can see my desk, hurrah!!

Hope you are all having a fab weekend :)
Kitty xx


Fiona said...

treated yourself to a few things then!! quite work hard!


Lucy Edmondson said...

I was there too, on Friday, it was good wasn't it. Next time, give me a shout. I particularly liked the Pound stands, better than normal and got some new Fresco Finish colours. Queue for coffee was bad though! Glad you got a much needed treat,

Lucy x

Kim said...

A girl after my own heart! Wonderful amount of new stash there - I'm waiting to brave Hobbycraft at the NEC at the end of the month -and am hoping to escape with my ankles intact this time!

Alison Crowther said...

Hi, im a new 'blogger and follower'! that looks so typical of a shopping trip, looks like you had a good day off :)



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