Friday, 15 June 2007

Well what a nightmare last few days i've had!!

Our internet connection at the shop was playing up for the last few days and still is! I have only been able to get on for a few hours today so touch wood it doesn't disappear for a few days again!!!

Loads to tell you...i had loads of my pressies now, a new book, sex & the city box set (all of them!) more stamps and still have more to arrive :)

My Bella Stamps finally arrived! WOOOOhoo! I have only had a small amount of time to play... i have made one card Above... what do you think!!??

I have gone mad ordering stamps lately, i have got about 4 different deliveries due over the next 10 days :) So exciting... i love post ...well only when its not bills :) Well you gotta treat yourself sometime!

I am so excited as we are going to Thorpe Park on Monday, DH decided to treat me as we never get to spend much time together these days so it will be nice to be just the two of us .. i am getting quite scared as i don't normally do upsidedown stuff .. lol!

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