Sunday, 24 June 2007

Josh's Christening!

Well as you can prob tell from the title it was Josh's Christening today... that's Michaels Sisters lil boy he's 6 months now i think, so my newphew and lissys cousin i guess!
Well it was totally awful weather so that wasn't great but other than that it was a good day. The service didn't last long which is good as there were about 10 under 5's in the church all making noises, Lissy decided she would shout everyones names so that was funny! Afterwards there was a big do at Tonys (thats josh's dad) mums house - i think she thought they were feeding the 5 thousand as there was sooooooooooo much food, it all looked very nice and was def yummy!

Josh looked cute, he had a cream lil suit on - bless! The pic above is of my lil one Lissy looking pretty before we left for the service this morning - soooo cute, she says 'Posh Dress'!
So i obviously didnt have much time to make anything much, altho i did the card above just now, another quickie one using my luurvly cat stamps :) I just luve them!

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