Monday, 16 June 2014

Where have i been?

Well how long has it been since i posted on here...oopsy!! It's just been non stop since we came back from holiday. Both me and Ross have had birthdays, we exhibited at a craft show in Taunton, visited Jazzys new school & set up a new company - and that's just a few things we have done, it's been manic!

I thought i would share the new details of my new company - Neon Flamingo

We are a fashion jewellery company selling specializing in statement necklaces, bracelets earrings & hair accessories. We are based online at the moment but we will be having stands at fetes, festivals and other local events. 

So far we have had such a huge positive response which is just fabulous.

I will be back with some crafting projects shortly - i am off to have a mass write up session!

Kitty xx

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