Thursday, 24 June 2010

My Craft Stall!!

Well my new router just turned up so now i have proper internet back!!! It's been so long and you have no idea how amazing it is compared to gprs on mobile broadband!!

So here is some piccies of my latest few bits n pieces i have been doing. I will make a few posts today so all my bits and pieces are uploaded & will also update my galleries too!

Here are the pics of my stall i had at my boyfriends parents house, it was there villages Gardens Open Day! I did extremely well and sold lots of cards which is great so i can now afford to get a few new bits and pieces at Newbury next weekend!!
I never knew i had such a stockpile of stuff i had made & this is only part of it!!! I'm hoping to once again supply some local stores to fund my stash habit!!!
I shall find all my latest creations & get them posted on here & i will enjoy once again catching up on your blogs & creations too!!
Kitty xx


Michelle said...

Wow, what a fabulous spread of cards!! I love your creations.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic site, I had not noticed earlier in my searches!
Keep up the great work!



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