Thursday, 24 April 2008

Blog Candy Upcoming & Promise!!!

Firstly, i just want to promise you all that i will post some new creations on here very soon. My new bloke (Mike) has gone to pick up my stuff from the post office that i got over the weekend so i am sure i will be crafting very soon.. but i am feeling sorry for myself as i have tonsilitus, which i think i got from lissy, but she is worth it!! If you want to know why i sort of disappeared for a while then go on uks under difficult topics - explains it a bit!

On a happier note i have nearly hit 20,000 viewers on my blog! Woohoo! So i am going to be putting some blog candy very very soon, once i have found sum stash to give away!! So watch this space over the next few days!

I will post some cards soon.. promise!! lol

Ooooo have you seen these yet they are so cute my fav is this one...


Sarah said...

Just wanted to say that, having read your post on UKS, I really hope things work out for you and that young Lissy is back where she belongs really soon.

xx :0)

Julia said...

Sorry to hear your news Kitty and I hope things get resolved very soon for you both. x



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